If the cat goes blind: possible causes

Your kitty has trouble orienting yourself, looks insecure and confused? Your cat may be blind. The causes of vision loss are many. There may be eye injuries, but also infections and other diseases. Cats can be blind from birth or lose their eyesight later - Shutterstock / Orhan Cam

Even if a cat is blind, it can still have a very nice life. Still, it's good to know the causes that can lead to blindness. Because not all, but some of these causes can be avoided. In some cases, you can also limit the extent of blindness if you go to the veterinarian in good time and, for example, take care of a healthy cat diet.

Causes of sudden cat blindness

If your cat suddenly sees nothing, it may be due to an eye injury. Less obvious causes are chronic underlying diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or a lack of nutrients. Diabetes can cause a sudden clouding of the lens called cataracts, and high blood pressure can cause bleeding inside the eye. A lack of vitamin A can in turn lead to acute inflammation of the optic nerve head, which causes the cat to go blind. However, such inflammation can also result from some toxins or autoimmune diseases. Another possible cause of sudden blindness is increased intraocular pressure due to glaucoma.

You can easily prevent many of the causes mentioned. A nutrient deficiency can be avoided, for example, by eating a healthy, balanced diet for your cat, and in some cases you can also prevent diabetes and high blood pressure in your cat. Because these can often be attributed in part to being overweight.

Some medications or toxins can cause acute retinal detachment and therefore blindness. It is best to ask your veterinarian about any side effects of medicines. In addition, the retina can suddenly change or become detached without a recognizable cause, causing your cat to go blind. With so-called central blindness, the cat's eyes are healthy, but the optic nerves are damaged and the brain can no longer process the information that the eye receives. In addition, untreated conjunctivitis can cause blindness in cats. A conjunctivitis can be triggered by bacterial and viral infections, but also by allergies or foreign bodies.

Basic rules for a healthy cat

Cat owners want their kitty to stay fit and happy for a long time. So that a ...

The cat gradually goes blind: it may be because of this

All kittens are born blind. Some kittens' eyes do not develop properly, so they remain blind for life. Other cats only go blind later, for example due to a cataract that develops slowly. Other chronic eye diseases in cats can also lead to slow retinal detachment or a gradual change in the retina, because a lack of taurine in the diet gradually kills the cells on the retina. However, some cats also have a congenital misalignment of the eyelids or a second row of eyelashes. Like tumors on the eye or a herpes infection, these can lead to inflammation of the eyes, which gradually go blind if treatment is not given.

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