Treating depression in cats successfully

Only a veterinarian can tell if a cat is really depressed. If he has ruled out physical causes for the fatigue and passivity of the velvet paw, he will treat the mental disorder as soon as possible. As a holder, you need patience and empathy. Depression in cats can be treated - Image: Shutterstock / Adam J

The treatment of depression in cats can be done in different phases. First of all, you can try to make your velvet paw more palatable by engaging with it a lot, animating it and giving it great experiences. In more serious cases, veterinarians also treat depressed cats with antidepressants - however, under no circumstances should you give these drugs to your darling on your own! Last but not least, holistic treatment can also be carried out using natural means. Which therapy is used mostly depends on the severity of the depression.

Pamper your depressed cat

To treat depression in cats, you have to give them one thing above all: lots of love. Cuddles and massages are particularly good for sad girls. You can also bring the right skin care back to your velvet paw if it neglected it due to its low mood. Since many house tigers with depression suffer from anorexia and hardly eat anymore, you must also ensure that your cat does not fall off the meat. You can support special delicacies and high-quality cat food.

Also try to slowly but surely wake up the play instinct of your velvet paw. Exciting toys, but also interesting, very "different" smelling objects from outside (branches, stones, pine cones) can ensure that your cat can enjoy playing again and get more out of itself.

Treat depression in cats with medication

In case of severe depression or in the early stages of therapy, some veterinarians also treat cats with appropriate psychotropic drugs. However, never give your pet antidepressants on your own, as some things can go wrong. If you dose the drug incorrectly, you will harm your cat rather than help her.

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Therapy with natural means

Homeopathy for cats can also be a cure for depression. For example, remedies such as Bach flower remedies are often used for behavioral disorders such as fear, stress or grief - you can also treat depression. Since there are different essences with which you can perform Bach Flower Therapy, you should definitely consult a veterinarian or alternative practitioner beforehand in order to choose the right remedy.

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