Glaucoma in cats: causes and therapy

Glaucoma, also known as glaucoma, is a very painful eye condition. It is not uncommon for cats to lose their eyesight as a result. But what are the causes of glaucoma and how can it be treated? You can find the answers here. Not every cat has such healthy eyes, some suffer from glaucoma - Shutterstock / Hedzun Vasyl

Glaucoma can appear very spontaneously or develop slowly. Since the associated increase in intraocular pressure is associated with great pain for the fur paw, you should see a doctor as soon as possible - because glaucoma is an emergency. If the eye becomes cloudy and the cat becomes apathetic, it means: off to practice.

Glaucoma in cats: causes

There are basically two types of glaucoma: primary and secondary glaucoma. In the latter, the causes are usually previous eye diseases - such as a shift in the lens or an infection in the inner eye. This can run parallel or even years ago and still cause an increase in intraocular pressure.

With primary glaucoma, however, no such history can be shown. Affected cats often have congenital malformations in their eyes that explain the increasing pressure in the eye. One of the possible causes is, for example, that the drainage or chamber angle of the eye is incorrectly designed or narrowed. As a result, the eye fluid can no longer circulate naturally - and the intraocular pressure rises continuously.

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Treatment of glaucoma

Glaucoma should be treated as soon as possible if the cat's eyesight is to be saved and preserved. If the disease is diagnosed early, the veterinarian usually uses eye drops that narrow the pupil and thus facilitate the drainage of the ventricular fluid. There are also medications that relieve the pain. However, both must be administered for a lifetime so that glaucoma does not progress.

Because this medication is not well tolerated by some cats diagnosed with glaucoma, veterinarians often only use it to prepare for surgery. The so-called ciliary body is destroyed with laser technology or through icing and thus the production of aqueous humor is inhibited, which leads to an increase in the pressure in the cat's eye. However, this surgery usually promises more success in dogs than in cats. If the cat is already blind, surgery does not help to restore eyesight. Here, for the sake of the cat, the eye must be removed and sewn up. What sounds horrible is a relief for the cat - because this way it no longer has to endure the severe pain caused by glaucoma.

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