Cute dog in the water: "Dolphins, wait for me!

Dog Louis loves the great open sea and loves to splash around in it. And as this video shows, it sometimes creates a surprise element. When he stands with his master on a bay, a flock of dolphins suddenly swims by. Splash, the confident four-legged friend has already jumped into the water and is swimming smoothly after the elegant animals.

"Wait for me!" Louis apparently wants to bark after the fast mammals. After the cuddly dog ​​hops into the sea with a jump, he tries to swim after a group of dolphins. He paddles eagerly with his paws to keep up with the marine animals. They do not pay attention to the lively water lover at all, but glide past him elegantly.

But Dog Louis doesn't give up so quickly, but he rushes after the dolphins to catch up with them. But his owner already sees his animal family member on the open ocean and so he whistles his darling back again. Louis would certainly have participated in a swimming race in the wide ocean. Smart and bright guy!

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