Dear Husky Lilo adopts cute mini cat Rosie

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The tiny baby cat Rosie in the video has the favorite foster mom in the world: Husky lady Lilo. How the friendly dog ​​looks after the tiny orphaned cat child with affection simply warms the heart. So much fleece and love can hardly be endured!

The owners of Lilo, the pretty husky lady, picked up the cute baby cat Rosie in a bad condition. She was apathetic and barely responsive after the first night. Luckily, Lilo immediately took care of little Rosie and loved her like her own child straight away. The tiny, tousled creature snuggles very tightly into the soft fur of the husky. Lilo licks her adoptive child lovingly and is very careful that nothing happens to little Rosie. The mini cat can feel safe here.

Lilo herself cannot have children of her own, but her mother's instinct is obviously in her blood. The poor orphan kitten also seems to feel this. The fur nose quickly gains confidence and hugs her new mom with the cold muzzle. Just to melt away how sweet and sweet this animal friendship is.

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