Detect and treat pollen allergy in cats

Cats can also show allergic reactions, for example if they have a pollen allergy. What are the symptoms and what can you do if you suspect your pet is sensitive to pollen? Atchoo! Cats can also be sensitive to pollen - Image: Shutterstock / Rowdy Soetisna

With a pollen allergy, the pollen from weeds, trees and grasses can cause the cat's immune system to respond with a defense response, every time it comes into contact with the allergy triggers. This intolerance can manifest itself in various symptoms.

Possible symptoms of a pollen allergy

The symptoms of pollen allergy can often be seen in spring and outdoors. Like most allergies in cats, they usually express themselves primarily through constant itching. The velvet paw scratches or cleans itself conspicuously often, so that even bald spots or inflammation can occur in the fur. Asthma can also be a reaction to the pollen and can be recognized by the fact that the cat is breathing heavily, appears anxious and huddled while breathing sounds are audible and a clear lifting and lowering of the flanks is visible. Shortness of breath can also occur and is a reason to see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

What helps the allergic cat?

First, it will likely take a little time for the vet to find the exact cause of the cat allergy because the symptoms are very similar. If the allergy symptoms appear seasonally, the suspicion of a pollen allergy is quite close. The veterinarian decides which treatment options are suitable for your pet - for example, hyposensitization or the administration of medications such as cortisone. Avoiding the allergy trigger is of course also helpful. Talk to your veterinarian about whether it is advisable for your allergic cat to forego free access in the future - at least during the time when a lot of pollen is flying.

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