Can you take every dog ​​on a bike?

When you ride a bike and your dog runs alongside you, you keep each other fit. It is also a great way to keep busy dogs busy. But are such sporting excursions also suitable for all races? Small, cozy dogs usually prefer to travel in a safe bicycle basket - Image: Shutterstock / Kwiatek7

Basically, your dog should of course be healthy in order to be able to walk on the bike without hesitation. If your four-legged friend suffers from diseases of the skeletal system or has heart problems, you should first clarify with your veterinarian whether your dog can accompany you on bike trips. Also consider the age of the dog: Young dogs should be on the bike at the earliest from 12 months - in large breeds rather from 18 months. In the case of older animals, the rule of thumb is: don't put too much pressure on your four-legged friend.

These breeds are not suitable for running on a bike

Especially medium-sized and easy-going breeds like to take part in extended bike trips. These include huskies, Eurasiers and poodles. Small dog breeds with very short legs, such as the beagle, should, however, prefer to do without such sporting activities. With their relatively short legs, they have to take a lot of steps to keep up with a bike. Running on a bike can also be a problem for heavy dog ​​breeds: from a weight of 20 kilograms, large dogs put a lot more strain on their joints than lighter peers, so injuries can quickly occur. Even for breeds with breathing difficulties and very short noses, for example pugs or French bulldogs, the bike tour can quickly become torture, especially in warmer temperatures.

Be considerate of the dog

Always ask yourself whether your dog really enjoys extended running sessions. If your dog belongs to a breed that is very eager to run and exercise, but loses interest after a short distance or is completely out of breath, running on a bike may not be the right thing for him. Adjust the length of the route or the pace if necessary - maybe your four-legged friend will be satisfied with short trips. In general, your companion should be allowed to set the pace themselves and indicate when it is enough.

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