Barbet: How to keep the cute water dog

The hardest thing about keeping a barbet is to get one at all. The dog breed is so rare that only around 500 of them live around the world. The barbet doesn't need much to be happy - Image: Shutterstock / WilleeCole Photography

If you still want to go looking for a breeder, you probably want to know how you can give your protégé a nice home in the future. A lot of exercise and employment are good prerequisites for this.

The barbet: a nature boy

The barbet loves and needs long walks, where he likes to use his fine nose and curiously inquires about the area. If you want to do him a favor, include tours of lakes, rivers or the sea as often as possible. As a water dog, the four-legged friend cannot get enough of the cool water and a posture in which he often has the opportunity to splash around is very appropriate for the species.

Generally, he is a strong dog who enjoys robust health and likes to be outdoors in wind and weather. With its waterproof fur, it naturally has the perfect conditions for this.

Posture with a lot of employment

To keep him busy, his owners should come up with something that goes well with this work-loving, intelligent breed. From retrieval training to agility: this dog likes to participate. Above all, it is important not to let this dog get bored. With a good mix of many walks and demanding work, you ensure that the four-legged friend feels comfortable with you.

Water dogs: sporty four-legged friends with a special hairstyle

Family connections are nice for the dog because he enjoys being close to his owners, especially his favorite person, whom he usually chooses quickly. Anyone holding a barbet should also remember to brush the curly barbet thoroughly every day. With too little care, his fur matted and knotted, leaving only scissors to untangle it - and that would be a shame!

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