Clickers with two cats: tips

Clickers with two cats - how does it work? Especially when starting with clicker training, the cat and the human must concentrate very well on each other. Training with several pets is a small challenge, but not impossible. Clickers with two cats: Good organization is everything - Image: Shutterstock / dien

Clickers with two cats are also fun and a nice way to keep the velvet paws busy. You can learn small and large tricks, get rid of unwanted behavior and of course drive away boredom. This is also intended to strengthen the relationship between humans and animals. If you want to practice clickers with two cats, you should consider the following tips.

Clickers with two cats: tips

Once the pets have understood the principle of clicking, it should be easy to do the training with two or more animals at the same time. When it comes to the beginnings and that the cat combines the sound of the clicker with a reward, the room tigers probably have to be separated from each other for the sake of simplicity. In a quiet, distraction-free room, one room tiger after the other can concentrate on you and learn the basics of clicker. If the short spatial separation is not possible, you will have to try to teach the two of you two, but will likely have to be a little more patient until both learn.

Training with the cat buddies

When you practice with your two cats, it is sometimes difficult to find a moment when both bring the necessary attention. It is better to stop exercising when neither is on the job, or try to practice a few tricks with just the other.

Clickers with cats: accessories

Clicker training with cats requires a little patience, loving training and the right accessories ...

Some owners of two cats also swear to get a clicker with a different sound for each pet, so that after the habituation phase it can be clearly assigned who is meant by the clicker sound.

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