Dog begs at the table: education tips

Small negligence in dog training can have unpleasant effects - for example, when the dog is begging at the table. If you want to get rid of this behavior, perseverance and a few tricks are required. Begging at the table: With consistent training, you can wean it off the dog - Image: Shutterstock / Eric Isselee

A dog that is begging at the table has usually been successful at some point. Regardless of whether someone gave him something or stole it unsupervised: The four-legged friend has learned that it is worth stopping at the dining table and looking at the mistress and owner on the plate. If a puppy moves in with you, you should consequently and sensibly avoid from the start that your darling gets something other than his own dog food.

The puppy doesn't get anything off the table either

Even as a puppy, your protégé can show a range of tricks to sneak off the table. Big dog eyes, howling or jumping on are just some of them. Here you stay hard right from the start and ignore your four-legged friend. If his attempts lead to nothing, he will learn it quickly and give up begging on his own. It gets a little more difficult if a fur nose has had multiple success in getting food from the table.

Stop begging an adult dog

From this point on, if you want to stop your dog from begging, it won't get anything off the table. Not even in exceptional cases, for example when you are finished eating or a visitor cannot resist. If your dog is begging, the only thing he gets from you in response is a clear “No!”. Instead of sitting next to the table, he should make some space, for example in his basket. If he behaves well, praise him and send him away if he tries again. It will certainly take a few days, but soon your four-legged friend will have realized that he won't get very far when he begs.

No more opportunities from now on

Also keep in mind that opportunity creates thieves. So don't leave your dog alone with the set dining table. Even if he steals something there illegally and gets a taste of it, he will try again in the near future to get something tasty off the table.

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And finally, one thing you shouldn't forget: if your dog has learned to stop begging, this is a reason to be happy and not to become weak. If you give him something in between now, he can get used to begging again as quickly as he has weaned himself off.

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