Border Collie: A herding dog with body and soul

The Border Collie is a persistent, powerful working dog. He is skilled in herding and driving work and is always focused. If you think about the attitude of the Border Collie as a family dog, you should know something about its properties. The Border Collie has many good properties, but is not a dog for everyone - Image: Shutterstock / Anna Tyurina

The Border Collie is a friendly, brave and extremely pretty dog ​​with very elegant movements and a strong dose of sportiness. His charm and adaptability mistakenly tempt many dog ​​fans to underestimate his demands on keeping. Despite its easy handling, this is a mistake, because the Border Collie is a herding dog with body and soul.

Border Collie: the characteristics of a working dog

As a herding dog, the Border Collie is used to working independently, on the one hand, and in cooperation with his shepherd on the other. He is one of the smartest dogs in the world and wants to be challenged, and it is very important to him to please his people.

The hard-working and athletic dog was specially bred to drive sheep together in very large areas. He does this work with passion. Of course, he cannot live them out as a normal family dog, which places special demands on his housing conditions and his upbringing.

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A nice home for a border collie

If you don't keep a border collie properly, its many good qualities can develop into negative ones. An inexperienced owner who keeps him in an apartment and is careless in his upbringing is doing him and himself no favor at all. The pedigree dog needs a gentle, but absolutely consistent education. If you are not familiar with hunting or herding dogs, you should visit a dog trainer or a dog school with him.

As a family dog, the beautiful dog must be compensated for the lack of herding work and must listen to what is said so that it does not get lost on the next pasture. But that doesn't mean you have to overdo it. Long walks and agility training from time to time are good, but your dog does not need an activity program all day, but just as much rest to relax, because he has it with his shepherd too.

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