Cat mums and their kittens: Look-a-like contest

Like mom, so kittens: When little cats are like their parents like one egg to another, it's just adorable. Long-haired cat with her kitten: Difficult to decide who is prettier - Image: Shutterstock / Potapov Igor Petrovich This cat and her kitten not only look alike, they both love to play - Image: Shutterstock / CoolR Caring cat mom with kittens: beautiful patterns are inheritable; ) - Image: Shutterstock / Anastasija Popova This tiger kitten is more likely to have the cheek of his father - Image: Shutterstock / Kozub Vasyl Cats sunbathing: This kitten has chosen a particularly cozy place - Image: Shutterstock / Pretty: cat and kitten with black and white pattern - Image: Shutterstock / Velychko This tiger cat and her kitten cannot deny the family resemblance - Image: Shutterstock / Alina G Who is who? Colorful cat with kitten - Image: Shutterstock / Javier Rosano So small and so colorful: cat mom with kitten - Image: Shutterstock / Evgeny Dubinchuk Once in large, once in small: cat and kitten with a wild pattern - Image: Shutterstock / Dmitry Bruskov

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  • 13-07-2014 12:07:30

    alexandrahug129: Report our abuse to Luna and her baby Peaches
  • 13-07-2014 12:07:19

    alexandrahug129: Report our abuse to Luna and her baby Peaches
  • 30-09-2013 19:09:39

    eleonoresch: But are they cuddly ... :-) Report abuse
  • 30-09-2013 19:09:21

    eleonoresch: Isn't she cute ... :-) Report abuse
  • 28-09-2013 11:09:08

    michaelaboom: soo sweet report abuse
  • 25-09-2013 21:09:51

    astridfluck: That's my two Knudis report abuse
  • 25-09-2013 21:09:45

    astridfluck: Report abuse
  • 15-07-2013 15:07:15

    anjaboeller: I would also like to report abuse
  • 03-03-2013 15:03:55

    moniquevett: putzigstā€¦ Report abuse
  • 03-03-2013 15:03:18

    moniquevett: lucky kitty ... report abuse
  • 03-03-2013 15:03:02

    moniquevett: simply sweet report abuse
  • 03-03-2013 11:03:03

    simonesusan: cute, something nice ... report abuse

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