Top 5: the sportiest animals

What are the sportiest animals in the world? In our top 5 you can admire real masters of their respective subject. No matter whether you are a long-distance flyer or a high-speed swimmer, every living being is a real champion in its "sport". Aardvark: Digs tunnels up to 13 meters long - Image: Shutterstock / hallam creations

Snow leopard: The big cat can jump 16 meters - Image: Shutterstock / Ian Rentoul Klippspringer: The antelope jumps a full eight meters from the stand - Image: Shutterstock / Stefanie van der Vinden Arctic tern: the bird travels a breathtaking 15,000 kilometers. - Image: Shutterstock / Mark Medcalf Fanfish: swims up to 100 kilometers per hour. - Image: Shutterstock / holbox Aardvark: Digs tunnels up to 13 meters long - Image: Shutterstock / hallam creations

I think my pig whistles - underground. We are talking about an aardvark. An aardvark? Yes, an aardvark! The cute animals are real experts when it comes to digging as quickly as possible. To create new buildings, the animals create real works of art underground: tunnels up to 13 meters long that open into a cave. The mammals' extremely strong claws on the front legs serve as tools. The fanfish is no less spectacular. The physique of the sea dweller resembles a torpedo - and in fact the fish is a real underwater rocket: the fanfish reaches almost 100 kilometers an hour.

Ever higher, ever further: the sportiest animals in the world

In the air, however, the Arctic tern is one of the sportiest animals there is. Your prime discipline: the long-haul flight. This makes the swallow the bird with the longest train route - from the northern polar region to the southern polar region. The clip jumper, also better known as the African antelope, measures only 60 centimeters up to the shoulder, but the jumping power of the relatively small animal is almost unbelievable: the antelope can swing its body up to eight meters high - and from a standing position. What the clip jumper is in the high jump, the snow leopard is in the long jump. The noble wildcat just manages to get 16 meters out of the barrel - more is not possible in the animal world.

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