Dog has bloating: what can it be?

You lie unsuspecting next to your dog on the sofa, read a book and suddenly that: It smells tremendous. Flatulence in dogs is usually silent, but it has an even stronger effect on your nose. What is uncomfortable for you as a keeper can be much more uncomfortable for your four-legged friend and may even be associated with pain. To do something about it, you first need to go into root cause research.

As with humans, there are several causes of flatulence in dogs. In most cases it is because your four-legged friend is not getting the right food. Serious diseases are rarely responsible for the undesirable gases. Those who know the causes can take the right measures.

Dog has bloating: causes in the diet

Improper diet is one of the most common causes of dog flatulence. Often certain parts of the food are not processed properly by the body. The insufficiently digested food pulp is then broken down in the rectum by bacteria, which produces the malodorous gases.

Food that is difficult to digest, such as dairy products, legumes or fatty foods, can lead to flatulence. The same applies to finished feed, especially when the grain content is very high. Especially dry food, which contains a lot of soy, often has a negative effect on the digestive process of dogs. Other nutritional causes include changing feed, food allergies, food intolerance or eating spoiled food or dead animals. Tip: Watch your dog carefully when you change its diet.

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Other causes: illnesses and lack of exercise

Diseases of your four-legged friend, whose symptoms include bloating, are less common. These can include inflammation of the pancreas or various intestinal diseases such as infections, tumors or parasites.

A less serious cause of flatulence is lack of exercise. If your fur nose has been on the rotten skin for too long, it can happen that the intestine also becomes very sluggish, which can lead to one or two pups.

Swallowing air can cause bloating

Does your dog belong to one of the brachycephalic breeds? We mean animals with a very short snout like boxers or bulldogs. These dog breeds sometimes swallow a lot of air (aerophagy) when eating, drinking or barking, which - once it has wandered through the body - pushes itself out again in flatulence.

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