Exotic shorthair cat: meek and lovable

The exotic shorthair cat is a velvet paw with a friendly, loving character. The blissful relative of the Persian cat is human, cuddly and very social. The cute exotic shorthair cat has a delightful character - Image: Shutterstock / Igor Leonov

The facing, peaceful character of the exotic shorthair cat makes it a popular family cat. It is one of the quietest cat breeds ever and is gentle, rather reserved and very loving.

Exotic shorthair cat: a great family cat

The exotic shorthair cat is very similar in nature to its relative, the Persian cat. Only a slightly more alert and playful type is said to represent representatives of this special cat breed. They are smart, curious and attentive and enjoy spending time with their people.

In addition, the little exotic is social and reliable, so you can walk through thick and thin with her. Dealing with children is usually loving and patient. Because she is very attached to her people, this velvet paw loves to stay close to her and cuddle with her. She often builds a particularly strong bond with them. She doesn't like being alone so much.

Reliable and social character

The balanced, peaceful character of the exotic shorthair cat can hardly shake anything. Wherever she goes and stands she spreads a cozy calm and shows her social nature not only towards people.

Exotic Shorthair Cat: Garfield's Relatives

If you keep them together with a second cat, you will probably be able to observe a particularly peaceful coexistence - of course, a meek cat like this must also be well socialized and match the other velvet paw well in character and temperament. Also, socializing them with a friendly, calm dog should work just fine. The easiest way to have it with you is to let the two four-legged friends grow up together.

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