Meet Shammy, the mini horse

The little stallion Shammy is dwarf and will stay a bit smaller than his horse buddies even when he is fully grown. Thanks to the loving care, this does not take away anything from his zest for life ...

With a height of around 50 centimeters and a little over 20 kilograms, the five-month-old Shammy from Georgia is really a tiny one. His zest for life seems to be all the greater for this - no wonder, because after all he has a beautiful home with a lot of extra attention.

On his Facebook page, he is lovingly described by his owner: He is small, but has a greater personality than any other horse she has ever known. The little guy behaves like a dog and in addition to his love for ball games, he is a huge fan of cozy relaxation. We keep our fingers crossed for the little Shammy that despite his size he lives a long, healthy and happy life!

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