Shih Tzu: sample dog

The Shih Tzu is a sensitive, loving and proud dog. The four-legged friend feels very comfortable in an apartment with appropriate care and care. You should note the following special features. Posture as a family or single dog: The Shih Tzu is suitable for both - Image: Shutterstock / chaoss

Anyone who sees the Shih Tzu for the first time will surely love the little lap dog in his heart. The lively, facing dog breed is usually just as suitable for children as for the elderly.

Posture of a Shih Tzu

The little dog not only likes to sit on his owner's lap, he also loves his freedom. If you want to buy a Shih Tzu, you have to be prepared to have a confident dog at home who occasionally tries to act as a boss. When raising and keeping, you should therefore make sure that you keep the reins in your hand.

So that he gets enough exercise, it is recommended to go for a walk with the dog at fixed times of the day. It is best to vary the route a little. You can also take the cute little boy with you for hiking and jogging - it just doesn't have to be too long for the little four-legged friend.

Shih Tzu: Small dog with a lot of care

Important for the dog: grooming

So that the fur of the Shih Tzu always stays nice and smooth, you should plan a lot of time for the care. The coat should be worked on daily, but at least once a week, with a brush and a comb. When combing the four-legged friend, make sure that the hair does not cover the area around the eyes. When you bathe it, remember to use mild shampoo and then brush and dry the fur well.

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