How often do you feed house cats a day?

How often you should feed a cat a day depends on various factors - including the age, health status and conditions of the animal. With a healthy indoor cat, multiple servings a day are a good choice. There are different opinions about how often you should feed a cat every day - Image: Shutterstock / Hasloo Group Production-Studio

Basically, most cats cope well with several small servings a day. No wonder, because after all it is part of their natural behavior to go hunting several times a day and eat small portions.

At least two servings a day for healthy cats

In contrast to dogs, cats are rather slow eaters, who like to enjoy their menu undisturbed and without hassle around them - they also like their cat food fresh and not stale. A large portion that you can divide up over the day is not the right thing for most cats. But how often should you feed them?

In order to keep the cat healthy and fit and to keep its metabolism going, its daily ration should be divided into at least two servings. It would be better to have between three and five small meals, the last of which is given late in the evening. It is nice if they can keep to the same times of day when feeding. If you are working, you can consider giving the cat a serving at lunchtime through an automatic feeder.

Automatic feeders for cats: These models are available

Clearly everyone prefers to feed his beloved parlor tiger himself. Nevertheless, there are opportunities ...

Pay attention to healthy, sugar-free food with a high meat content, so that your house tiger does not become too fat and receives all the nutrients it needs from its meals.

Special rules for young, old and sick cats

It is different with food for young cats, old cats, pregnant cats, cat mothers and sick animals. On the one hand, these room tigers usually need more food, and on the other hand even more small portions a day. If you do not know exactly how much, how often and what food you should feed these velvet paws, your veterinarian will advise you.

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