Dog with a cold: when to the vet?

A dog's cold usually disappears as quickly as it has come. While it often helps to make sure that he spares a little rest and warmth at home, in some cases you should go to a veterinarian. Read here what they are. If the cold symptoms persist, you should see a veterinarian - Image: Shutterstock / Surachet Meewaew

If your dog has a cold, you should watch him closely. If the symptoms are mild, it usually helps him to rest in a warm place. Walks in wet and cold weather should not be too extended during this time and afterwards dry your four-legged friend well at home. Drafts, lying on cool ground and splashing around in the lake should be avoided until he feels better.

Bad cold symptoms

If your dog looks very weak and tired, doesn't like to eat and drink at all, you should go to the vet with him. The same applies if tears and runny nose are not clear and transparent, but viscous and have a yellowish or thorough color. Even if your dog has a very strong cough or sneezes a lot, he should be examined and possibly treated with medication. The same applies of course to shortness of breath.

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Go to the vet if you have a fever

Even if your pet has a fever, you should visit the veterinarian with him, also to distinguish whether he does not have a serious illness or not to spread it. In general, if you are unsure, you should visit the veterinarian too often rather than too rarely.

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