Nicknames for dogs: What to name my dog?

There are several tips for those who are in doubt about what to name your pet and, among them, this is the first: avoid neutral names. Puppies need names that demonstrate their personality and calling your dog a name that may well be the name of a puppy doesn't seem like a very good idea right? Think carefully before naming it, as giving nicknames to dogs is not as simple a task as it seems.

Another very important tip is to always prefer simplicity. Why complicate giving name for your dog, it is not? Think of something that is easy to pronounce, a name that is not too long and that the puppy answers promptly. The problem with nicknames for dogs that are made up of really long names will only hinder your relationship with the pet, because, many times, he will not even know that he is being called. Dogs usually hear only the last syllable mentioned, so be careful when naming it!

Can I put people's names?

Yes, but you need to be very careful when doing this. The reason? It is common for owners to treat their pets like human beings, but remember that they are dogs and not people. Some experts say that dogs need to be treated differently from humans in order to understand themselves as pets and live truly happy in their canine reality.

And the common names for dogs? As previously said, dogs hear only the last syllable of the words we pronounce, so if you call your puppy a flower, for example, every time you speak a word ending in "or" (and with the same intonation) she will understand that she is being called. This confuses the little ones too much! Also, try to stay away from a name for your dog that resembles offensive words. You don't want people to laugh at your pet, do you?

Give good nicknames for dogs it can be laborious, so make a short list and associate the names to the pet itself, seeing which of the nicknames suits you best. This can make it a lot easier too!

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