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The Cesky Terrier is a terrier type hunting dog with good muscles, with small legs and well pigmented, which was created to hunt in packs. The Cesky Terrier comes from the Czech Republic and is considered one of the country's national breeds. Thus, dogs of this breed have already appeared on stamps, on television, in books and even in films.

THE Cesky Terrrier, which is also known as Czech Terrier, has naturally drooping ears, a tail that should not be clipped and has a smooth, long and silky coat in shades of gray from charcoal to platinum.


It all started with Mr. Frantisik Horak, an avid hunter and breeder of Scottish Terriers, who came up with the idea of ​​creating a breed of terrier dogs that were able to hunt in packs in the Bohemian forests, which were also easy to train and care for. In 1949 Horak completed the first cross between a Scottish Terrier and a Sealyham Terrier, which in the future would give rise to the breed that is now known as the Cesky Terrier.

In 1950, Horak took his records of these crosses to the Czech Terrier Club (FCI) and asked to name the new breed as Cesky Terrier (the correct pronunciation of his name is “chess-key” terrier). In 1959 the breed was introduced for the first time, until in 1963 it was finally recognized by the FCI.

Insightful and alert, the Cesky Terrier has been used over the years to hunt foxes, rabbits, ducks, pheasants and even wild boars, but today it is better known and used as a companion dog than as a hunting dog. .


You dogs of breed Cesky Terrier they are very loyal family members, who need continuous socialization throughout their lives as they have a very reserved nature with strangers. This is a very active breed and, as with most terrier dogs, loves to dig.

Very balanced and without being aggressive, the Cesky Terrier (or Czech Terrier) should not be used for duels in exhibitions and fighting rings. He is a very nice dog and is not as excitable as the other terrier breeds, but he is always ready to chase something that interests him.

When working Cesky Terrier it can be quiet and precise and can also work underground in burrows, sniffing out the essence of its prey.


The Cesky Terrier was developed to be a terrier-type dog that is capable of hunting in packs. Among its physical characteristics are its short legs, hanging ears - which are more practical during hunting in burrows, for example -, with a medium length and set high. Its tail is natural, with low insertion, hanging when the dog is at rest and in the form of a horizontal saber when the dog is alert. Dogs of this breed are longer than tall. This breed has an apparent stop, but it is not very sharp. His eyes are medium-sized, set deep, in a way that gives the Czech Terrier a very friendly look.

You dogs of breed Cesky Terrier they have a smooth, long and slightly curly coat, with a soft touch in shades of gray ranging from platinum to charcoal. Despite this, all puppies are born with black or black and brown fur, but these colors should not be present in mature dogs - aged three or more - who must already have gray fur. Black spots are allowed to be present on the head, ears, feet and tail. White, brown and yellow is allowed in spots on the head, beard, cheeks, neck and tail. Despite this, it is important that the base color - in gray tones - is always predominant.

In order for his coat to conform to the established standard he needs to be clipped - which is nothing more than a shear made with scissors and not with a machine - to emphasize his slim build - one of the main characteristics of the Cesky Terrier is his body lean and his graceful movements, which must always be kept.

When you developed the Cesky TerrierHorak took care that the dogs had a breast smaller than the breast of their mother breeds - the Sealyhan Terrier and the Scottish Terrier - which had a very deep breast, which in many cases was a hindrance at the time of hunting. Thus, the Cesky Terrier has a chest that is more cylindrical than deep, which makes it easier for them to enter burrows during pursuits.

Specific care

The Cesky Terrier requires a moderate amount of care, including scissors grooming - known as clipping - monthly. It is also important that these dogs have a yard where they can exercise regularly to stay healthy both mentally and physically.


No common disease of genetic origin is known for dogs of breed Cesky Terrier.

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