Long way home

A cat traveled almost 1,200 kilometers on foot to find its sitter. It took place in France.

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Last March, a black and white cat named Cookie escaped from a hotel in Grasse in the south of France, where he was staying with his owner - poet and writer Dan Bouchery. More than a year and a half later, he was found emaciated and exhausted by random people in Orbec, Normandy, in the north of the country. The village is just 35 kilometers from the cat owner's house and 1,116 kilometers from Grasse.

Happy ending

The owner was found thanks to an electronic chip with identification data, which had been implanted many years earlier. Overseas media emphasize that it is not known how the cat knew which way to go. Some experts say that he could observe the arrangement of stars in the sky at night. Moved, Dan Bouchery decided to write a novel for children inspired by this surprising story.

source: rmf24.pl for 30millionsdamis.fr

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