Sanitary mats: uses and good reasons to have one.

Sanitary mats are used to keep the animal's environment clean. Absorbents have a high absorption capacity, soothing or eliminating urine and feces odors. They have an adequate size that combines practicality and hygiene, and the adhesive tapes fix the carpet on any surface. In addition to the benefits, rugs help the dog learn about the right place to urinate.

Some simpler models ofsanitary rugs absorb the dog's urine and must be changed every week. If they are washed frequently, they have good durability. The most expensive models are absorbent boxes, with a grass mat over the space of a drawer, where the urine is, and which must be taken out regularly to wash. The boxes inhibit the bad smell.

Sanitary mats can be used by adults and puppies of large and medium size, due to its high absorption capacity. The mat must be placed in a dry place, away from places where food and water are. The scent attraction influences the dog on the correct place to make the physiological needs.

Training your dog to sanitary mats

Some adult dogs may have some difficulty adapting to the carpet in the first few attempts. Therefore, the owner must be patient. A little pee of the same dog can be placed on the rug so that it recognizes the place as a bathroom. They exist health attractions that can be purchased at pet stores that help condition the animal.

During the adaptation process, if the dog uses another location, just verbally scold him with an authoritative voice, saying no, it works. In fact, you should not hit the dog, because with this attitude, the animal will be even more confused and with difficulty to learn and obey, this does not bring any benefit. The appropriate thing is to take it to thesanitary rugs and say: it is here. Whenever he is doing it right, please, because that way, dogs learn faster when they are rewarded than when they are scolded.

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