Grooming in Cats - Types and Techniques

A common practice in dogs, especially in the summer, which serves to cut the hair of the animals and prevent them from being too hot or even cases of hyperthermia in cities that can be very hot. However, with her pussy friends the subject is hardly addressed. After all, is it possible to groom cats?

In some cases it is necessary to do grooming in cats, especially very hairy animals in very hot places. However, not all breeds can be shorn and the best thing to do is to see your vet to find out if your kitten really needs it and how often or if he just needs a good brushing.

The most well-known grooming is hygienic, where the hairs of the perianal region are trimmed (so that your kitten does not get dirty when he needs them) and the nails of long-haired animals, such as the Persians, for example, are trimmed.

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If the veterinarian recommends grooming the cat, it can be done with a machine or scissors, just as it is done with dogs. In both cases the most suitable is a clipper that leaves the coat low, not very close to the skin, as the cats' skin is sensitive and can end up irritated. To the shearing cats we must look for professionals who are specialized in this and act in places of trust, because cats have behavior, needs and type of hair completely different from dogs.

To ensure the calmness of the pussy and that it will not hurt anyone who is shearing, the equipment must make as little noise as possible and have no dogs in the enclosure. It is also indicated that the animal is used to this process since puppy, avoiding the need for the use of tranquilizers for the cat not to bite or scratch the professional during the process.

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