How to read cat's moods? Look at the tail and the eyes!

Observation is the key to success.

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We write a lot about cat behavior and how to read it correctly. Today we look at cat's tails, ears, eyes and also hair. What do the related behaviors mean? How to read cat's moods? It's worth checking it out before we get ourselves a cat or play with someone else.


You can read a lot from a cat's tail. If it is smooth and hanging loosely, the animal is in a good mood. Raised like a brush, it means it is frightened. Perhaps it saw a dog somewhere that it does not know, or some other "enemy"? The straightened and lifted tail is a sign that the cat is feeling well and is optimistic about the world. Slowly moving the tail is a sign of irritation, and quick - joy at the sight of the guardian. And how can you believe in fairy tales, that purrs usually do not care!

The ears

Ears placed vertically indicate that the cat is curious and well disposed towards the environment. If they are placed flat, they indicate a growing fear and thus - a willingness to defend themselves. If they were moved back, the animal is already getting ready to defend or attack. Want to know how to read cat's moods? Here's a hint: look at cat's ears.


It is said that a lot can be seen in human eyes, that they are even a mirror of the soul. You can also read a lot from them in cats, you just have to be a careful observer. Cat's eyes testify, first of all, that our domestic purrs are predators - vertical pupils are a feature of these species that do not abhor hunting.

If a cat squints its eyes and sends us such a look from the couch, we can be calm - it does not want to play, but is happy, it just needs peace. You can then try to establish contact with your pet. Squint your eyes at him, then open them. The cat will answer you the same.

If a purr squints his eyes at another cat, he may want to play! Well, unless his pupils are narrowed, and the situation will last for a long time - then there is a chance that he will attack a living object of observation.

Licking the hair

Our mustachioed friends lick their hair not only for reasons of hygiene. They also do it for relaxation when they wake up, have a meal, or get ready to go to sleep (several times a day!). It helps them relieve stress, but if it is repeated too often and compulsively, it is worth contacting the vet - perhaps our pet has too many nerves. What if a cat teases guests and household members with its tongue? As long as it is not accompanied by unpleasant nibbling, there is nothing to worry about. It is indeed a reason to be happy - cats are the way to mean who belongs to their herd (although they were not herd animals in the past, this has changed over the years of contact with people), they also show respect and love. With this awareness, you also know more about how to read cats' moods.

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