"Sad" cat Sam becomes an Instagram star

The sad looking cat Sam is the new social media star in the cat heaven. On Instagram, the white velvet paw with the very special black eyebrows quickly had more than 26,000 fans, meanwhile the fan base of the fur nose has grown to 208,000 subscribers. His favorite New Yorker now wants to use the hangover's popularity to help other animals. Instagram cat: Sam's eyebrows give him his sad look - Image: Instagram / Samhaseyebrows (screenshot)

Whether Grumpy Cat or Lil Bub - thanks to social media portals like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, cats are becoming worldwide internet celebrities.

Sam is a new star. All he needed was two splashes of color, funny placed by the whim of nature, over the cat's eyes, reminiscent of human eyebrows. And because we like to transfer human body language to cats and are also influenced by the ubiquitous comic language, little Sam always seems sad, fearful or just sweet. Under the name "Samhaseyebrows" (Sam has eyebrows) he has his own Instagram account as well as a profile on Facebook and his own homepage.

"Sam has eyebrows": tens of thousands of fans in no time

Rightly so, because you don't see such a funny, sad fur coloring every day, and so Sam was soon on everyone's lips. The big US blogs reported on the white velvet paw and the cat with the "sad look" quickly had more than 26,000 subscribers. And they simply cheer every picture of the cute cat. They add little hearts to the cat pictures and comment on the funny cat face in all possible languages. His owner goes through all the fun and describes the situations in which the four-legged friend is currently: "Sam has just found out that he has eyebrows," she writes under one of the pictures on which Sam looks very puzzled.

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Sam's owner donates to a good cause

And because Sam is so well received with his black eyebrows, his owner Amanda Collado markets the portrait of the famous hangover on T-shirts or posters. She donates part of the proceeds to a New York animal welfare organization in Brooklyn. On behalf of Sam, she says on Instagram that Sam thinks that all animals are just wonderful - whether they have eyebrows or not. We think that's a good thing.

In the video you can see Sam's favorite person Amanda telling about the cute cat:

She says that Sam's cute coat design always makes him look so cute that you can never be angry with him, even if he eats something. She likes the photos best, where you can see your face particularly well. Amanda's mother recalls that in 2012 she suddenly found Sam huddled up abandoned near her house. He was so exhausted that he made no resistance when Amanda took the sweet ball of fur. At first, she didn't even notice his eyebrows, but when a friend brought her to her attention, she created an Instagram account for the hangover - and his success story began. Especially after a Reddit user discovered the sweet face, the follower numbers went through the roof.

Amanda's mother says that many people attribute Sam to similarities with celebrities like Martin Scorsese or Colin Farrell. Some think that the eyebrows are colored, but it assures that the fur pattern is real. Even though his eyebrows make him look a little sad and concerned, Amanda makes it clear that he is actually a playful, happy hangover who is far from unhappy.

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