Tragic: Longest cat in the world died

Our world has become poorer by a very special cat: the well-known cat Mymains Stewart Gilligan succumbed to cancer at the age of seven. "Stewie" was the longest domestic cat in the world.

With its impressive length of 1.24 meters, "Stewie" received an entry in the Guinness Book of Records in 2010, which is still valid today. The animal fell ill with cancer last year. The lymphoma was treated with chemotherapy, but unsuccessfully. The giant Main Coon cat Mymains Stewart Gilligan was considered very trusting and social and loved getting to know new people.

The longest cat in the world was a star in the retirement home

For this reason, its owner "Stewie" regularly took her to a retirement home to bring joy to the residents there. Accordingly, the grief for the huge Main Coon cat will be just as great there as in the Facebook fan base. There, the owner posted the death of the longest cat in the world: "At 7:37, Stewie flew to the rainbow bridge." Wherever the last worthy resting place for the cat is - we are sure that the fluffy velvet paw will be better now.

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