International Zoosanitary Certificate - What is it?

Season of vacation or not, the furry does not always need to stay in a specific hotel for him, since taking him "in the luggage" is often possible and even necessary. After all, if the house or the place of lodging allows pets, why not make it another member of this tourist team? However, outside of Brazil the pet needs the International Zoosanitary Certificate (CZI).

Many wonder the reason for this bureaucracy, but the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, which has the VIGIAGRO department, which carries out the International Zoosanitary Certificate, is responsible for ensuring to other countries through an official document that that pet is free of diseases (zoonoses). Contrary to what happens to humans, the control of the dissemination of pathologies in animals is easier, therefore, with this law, epidemics arising from them and for them are more protected.

How to get an International Zoosanitary Certificate?

To do the exam with a veterinarian from the Ministry of Agriculture, your pet will first need to pass with a veterinary specialist, who will give all the necessary indications and the prescription for his analyzes. As soon as they are ready, schedule the evaluation with the Ministry's professional until 8 days before the date of your departure, which is the maximum validity period of the certification. It can be done by phone or in person, which is located at the city's international airports.

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Basically, on the day of the procedure for issuing the International Zoosanitary Certificate the person will have to take the pet along with the vaccination card, the result of the serology for the titration of rabies antibodies, the microchip certificate and the health or sanitation certificate.

However, before traveling, find out what the requirements of the destination country are, to go with all the necessary documents to the Ministry of Agriculture and avoid the risk of not getting your International Zoosanitary Certificate. After all, who wants to leave their faithful companion out of the family trip?

The USA, for example, requires an up-to-date vaccination card, a veterinary certificate proving that the animal is able to travel, the option of implanting an international standard identification microchip and the CZI. Sweden, in addition to the International Zoosanitary Certificate, it is much more rigorous and has a huge list of procedures: it requires 120 days of quarantine, implantation of a European standard chip, preventive treatment against echinococcus sp and ticks, in addition to the veterinary certificate proving that it was treated against these parasites, anti-rabies test and wallet vaccination, including rabies.

So, do not hesitate to take all your doubts with the veterinarian of your pet and the CZI, to avoid inconvenience and be able to board your pet with complete peace of mind!

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