Diving pigs in China: cruelty to animals?

Pigs practice diving in the tower: what may seem funny at first glance seems more like cruelty to animals at second glance. A pig farmer from China swears by this dubious "sport" for the bristle animals. Diving is part of his business model: it would make meat more tasty and more expensive to sell. Animal rights activists are outraged.

In the Chinese village of Guanshan, pigs jump into the water from a three-meter high diving platform. The pink bristle critters plunge into the cool water apparently voluntarily - but do happy pigs look that way? According to farmer Huang Demin, this unusual measure would at least strengthen the immune system of breeding animals and make their meat more tasty, reports the "Welt". And of course that also has an impact on the selling price: He asks for up to three times as much for this meat.

Marius Tünte from the German Animal Welfare Association sees the diving in the jump much more critically than the commentator of the video: "If that were in Germany, we would call the veterinary office immediately", quotes the "WirtschaftsWoche". So is it a case of cruelty to animals? After all, the animals need enough exercise. In German pig breeding, it is even legally required to ensure sufficient employment. Nobody in Germany would come up with the idea of ​​forcing the animals to jump. The leap into the depth, especially under the pressure of their peers, means above all stress for the pigs. On top of that, experts doubt the taste-increasing effect.

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