Buying a dog: Good preparation is important

Buying a dog is a great thing. But before you buy, you should take care of the preparation. With the right tips, you can find out whether the conditions are really right so that your four-legged friend feels comfortable with you. Image: Shutterstock / Inna Astakhova

Going to the animal shelter or to the breeder is not difficult. But before you buy a dog, you should think twice and make the appropriate preparations. These go a little further than just getting a dog basket, food and toys. If you are too blue-eyed, this can have nasty financial consequences and in the worst case you have to part with your darling again.

Buying a dog: more than just a family decision

A new four-legged friend can only add to your family happiness if all the roommates agree to a purchase and everyone is ready to take care of the animal and take responsibility. Only then will a smooth supply work. Likewise, the landlord must be informed beforehand that you want to buy a dog. From a legal perspective, there are many regulations regarding four-legged friends. Tip: It is best to clarify everything with your landlord beforehand, so that no inconsistencies arise afterwards.

Buying original equipment for dog puppies: tips

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Which dog fits me best?

The fur noses are as different in character as we humans are. If you want to buy a dog, then this should also be included in your decision. Do not just go by the outside, but find out early on which breed best suits you and your lifestyle. Would you like a cozy little companion who likes to be lazy in the corner? Then, for example, a husky with its pronounced urge to move is not for you. Dog and owner will certainly adjust a little over time, but basic characteristics cannot be trained.

Tip for good preparation: plan time!

Walks, grooming, playing - your dog demands a lot of attention from you. Especially with a puppy, as a keeper you have to invest time in the education. In the evening just quickly with Bello around the block, that's just not enough! Your friend on four paws needs exercise at least twice a day to live out his urge to move. To do this, he needs intensive contact with people whenever he wants. If you prepare well, always allow enough time for maintenance. Tip: Take the five-hour stamp to heart. No single dog should be left alone for much longer. This is especially important if you can't take him to work.

Can you afford a dog?

Last but not least, a dog also costs money, as future owners you have to be aware of that. First of all, there are the regular costs for food and care. In addition, there are bills at the veterinarian, which also arise when the loyal friend is completely healthy. Dog tax and liability insurance are additional cost factors. So plan a lot of money and time and do it not only for yourself, but also for your future four-legged friend.

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