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With the evolution of people's thinking in relation to animal rights, new forms of protection and the search for these rights have emerged. Within these forms, the creation of animal NGOs is perhaps the most important of them.

NGOs are Non-Governmental Organizations characterized by social and political actions. They are non-profit foundations and mostly autonomous. They usually live on sponsorships and donations. One Animal NGO it works with this purpose directed to the care and defense of pets.

The work of an NGO is long and saves lives

The actions of animal NGOs are diverse, but all in favor of animal protection. The most numerous are the NGOs for the rescue and treatment of street animals, where volunteers work directly with abandoned animals, treating them to be handed over to the adoption of families approved by the NGO itself.

Another example of action is that of demanding rights and fighting for justice in the event of mistreatment of animals. There are NGOs focused on this more legal issue, which do not deal directly with the animal in need, but with society and the legislation that protects animals.

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There are also Specific NGOs rescuing illegal animals, that is, animals that cannot be kept in captivity without authorization from IBAMA, such as trafficked species or even circus animals that are not within the legislation and the right treatment conditions.

The important thing in this matter is to emphasize that, for the most part, the work in an NGO is voluntary. And that NGOs cover from the most specific problems, to the most general ones in the matter of animal protection. And that one should always try to find out about the NGO of animals that you are helping, if they really exist and are suitable, because nowadays we have many fake NGOs taking advantage of good people to earn money.

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