I would like to know which breed of small dog you most like to receive and give love and affection to?


All breeds like to give and receive love and affection, regardless of size, the way it will be raised will determine this attachment to you, however, valid information when it comes to acquiring a puppy is the animal's temperament, dogs have ways different from expressing their love and affection, some dogs express this feeling in a more agitated way like the Border Collies, who, besides being very companions, like to express themselves being useful. It is a breed that is happy to take orders.

Other dogs are more lazy and end up expressing themselves by making a company in any moment of rest, others, still, are more of lap. The important thing when choosing a puppy is that you know what kind of company you will want. The guidance of a professional in animal behavior can help in this choice.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Answers

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