Clicker models and accessories for clicker training with dogs

The suitable clicker model is of course the most important accessory for clicker training with dogs: it works according to a simple principle, but is available in different versions. In addition, holders or target sticks can be used in the training method. The right timing is important for clicker training with the dog - Image: Shutterstock / siamionau pavel

The classic clicker model is a simple little plastic box with a metal tab in it. With slight finger pressure, it bends and creates a "click clack", comparable to a crack frog for children. Alternative clicker models work with a push button, which in turn mechanically triggers the click sound. Such button clickers have the advantage that they are also suitable for long fingernails compared to box clickers. With prices around five euros, they hardly differed from each other in this regard.

Electronic clicker models

The disadvantage of both clicker models: They are usually quite loud and therefore less suitable for noise-sensitive dogs. If you don't feel like building your own "silencer", you can also use electronic clicker models instead. For around ten euros you get digital clickers, where you can adjust the volume or choose between different sounds. Clicker training with dogs can of course also work with twittering birds, provided your dog is conditioned on it. A button cell battery is of course an indispensable accessory.

Accessories for clicker training with dogs: mounts

In addition to the different clicker models, there are other useful accessories for clicker training with dogs. For example, it is advantageous if the clicker is easy to grasp at all times. Various bracelets or special clips that you can use to attach your clicker model to clothing are available for little money. Of course, you can also make such accessories yourself cheap. The most important thing is that you have quick access to reward your dog with a "click-clack" in time.

Target sticks as accessories

Target sticks are one of the most important tools in beginner clicker training. These are telescopic rods with a colored tip. Dog training with Clicker is used for exercises in which your four-legged friend has to nudge or follow the tip of the rod. Target sticks cost around ten euros and are available in different versions. For some the tip is particularly wide, for others a clicker model is already integrated.

Books on clicker training

Of course, there are also books on clicker training that help you get started. Birgit Laser's "Clicker Training. The textbook for modern dog training" offers, for example, a well-structured and easy-to-understand first orientation for clicker fans. And the practical pocket book "Dog Clicker Training" does not require any previous knowledge from its readers, so that training can be started quickly.

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