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Lisa works in Employee Communications at Laboratories, Inc. as a writer where she covers many pet-related, health and community articles and she joined the Our Site team in 2015. Lisa’s Labradoodle, Moxie, recently passed away after 15+ glorious and goofy years. Moxie is the reason she got to know a leading veterinarian who showed her the very best in pet health care, a professional relationship she still treasures and hopes to re-establish with a new dog soon.

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The #11th seat member of the Longinus Dreizhen Orden, Lisa Brenner acted as a motherly figure to Ren's senpai Rea Himuro, living in the church together alongside the priest Valeria Trifa. Lisa Brenner usually act as the controller between the three, especially when Trifa caught up red-handed.

Despite being a nun in a church, Lisa is actually one of the Longinus Dreizehn Orden member, a group of superhuman who used to be a Nazi that sought the emanation of their commander, Reinhard Heydrich. But before her revelation to the protagonists party in her Nazi attire, only Rea know the truth about her.

In the Bible, Babylon is often being associated with the corrupt. Moreover in the book of Revelation, there's a mention about Babylon the Great a.k.a The Whore of Babylon, who is said to be the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth. Now if you think about it for a bit, dear reader, would it be hypocritical if such filthy person acted as a nun in a church?

Truth to be told, Lisa is a person whom burdened by an equal amount of sins. She used to be the head of the Lebensborn, an association of Nazi female in which purpose is to give birth the ubermensch via genetic research, occult, and strict child raising program. Initiating the research, she essentially responsible for the birth of these ubermensch, in which all of them tragically died before matured due to their body inability to wield the magical power. They went malformed and thus the research ended up in a failure. However, Lisa sought the last method in order to create these so called army of ubermensch which is by mating with the sleeping body of the Golden Beast, which is already an ubermensch. She gave birth of two siblings, one of them grows really fast, powerful, and devoid of emotions whlist the others retained more mortal senses to him. The former, Isaak, highly resembles his father in which Lisa are scared to tell the Beast if she had slept with him, hence why when The Golden Beast asked the one to be the Sonnenkind, Isaak is the one whom she chose. Whlist Johann, his twin brother are being sent to the city of Suwahara in Japan in her wish for him to live normally without the sense of war.

Not only she felt guilty to the almost thousands of kids who failed to be an ubermensch, she also felt a grief in which that she failed miserably as a mother just akin to a big harlot, especially by her utilitarian decision of sacrificing Isaak in order to save Johann. And thus, the title "Babylon Magdalene" befitting on her. Moreover, this ubermensch coukd befitting the title "abomination" due to their lack of normal human sense.

In her desire to redeem her sins, he sought after the Mephistopheles temptation, in which to open up a swastika by massacring the amount of 300 souls in order to get her wish granted by the devil, in which to revive all the childrens she have "killed".

Unlike most of the LDO member, Lisa only have her Die Ewigkeit until the Yetzirah tier, due to her doubt of her own wish. In order to made it to the Briah degree, one should have reached the state that they could give some of their sanity in order to achieve their cravings. Lisa's cravings isn't that strong. However, her holy relic, Pallida Mors, is a mask in which let her being able to control the body the mask given to. She equipped it on Tubal Cain, a gigantic zombie with a huge lance as its holy relic, which is in the 2nd seat of the LDO. Lisa's own powers aren't as strong, hence why disturbing his Tubal Cain channeling will ruinboth of their offense badly.

During her young era, Lisa have a rival, now also a member of the LDO. Unlike the conservatively feminine Lisa, this friend of her is manlier than man, with a burning loyalty to Reinhard Heydrich. Her name is Eleonore von Wittenburg. The two have their rivalries since long and it's worsen when she knew Lisa have slept with the man she love. Henceforth, Eleonore despised her and saw her as a lowly, cheating whore. Ironically in most of the route, Lisa's life ended in her hands.

However during Rea's route, she have a courage to confess all of her concerns to Rea, which is the supposed grandchild of Isaak. But she didn't ended up hating Lisa due to her honesty and all the ephemeral moments they have gone through since Rea was a kid. Through Rea (or indirectly, Ren), Lisa realized that wishing to revive the dead with the sacrifice of some amount of souls is downright ridiculous and disgracing the dead for only regarded their life as a mere hundred in contrast of thinking of them being invaluable, and the best thing to do is to let go of the past and move on. Lisa still die to Eleonore in 1vs1 on this route due to the sheer difference of their powerlevel. However, she won the war. She died without the burden of her old sins now that Rea have forgave and accepted her and still have a span to slap Eleonore, reminding the crimson knightess of her own inability to deal with her past.

Through Lisa's character, readers can learn about the futility of overly grieving over a gruesome past that one sacrificed their future in order to fix this past, the importance of communication, and family. Reviving your children might be an exaggeration as the setting of Dies Irae itself is hyperbole and grandiose fantasy, but this subtext is totally applicable in our real lives. Ever being broked up by your boyfriend/girlfriend you hurt so much you want to reverse time and start your relationship to the very beginning, while in reality you just can't and just pondering over the futile? Or perhaps other kind of similar hardships, dear reader? Be like Lisa, embrace your past and it's time to move on with the wheel of life.

-Lisa, alongside Spinne, are the only two members of LDO who stucked on the Yetzirah tier, making them the weakest member.

P. S just how few her artwork is, this is injustice.

Thank you for spending your time reading this.

List of people who adopted matrilineal surnames

This is a list of notable people who have changed, adopted or adjusted their surnames based on a mother's or grandmother's maiden name. Included are people who changed their legal names and people who created personal or professional pseudonyms. Under longstanding Western custom and law, children are customarily given the father's surname, except for children born outside marriage, who often carry their mother's family names. [1] In mediaeval times where a great family died out in the male line, an alternative male heir to the estates was selected as one of the younger sons of a daughter, who was required by the bequest to adopt, by royal licence, in lieu of his patronymic, his maternal surname and coat of arms for himself and his descendants. This was also the origin of double-barrelled surnames, where the paternal surname was partially retained, or resurrected by a later generation. The compliance with the terms of the bequest was essential to avoid challenge by another potential heir in the lawcourts. In the 1970s some women began to adopt their mother's maiden name as their legal surnames. [2] People in Sweden have recently begun adopting maternal line surnames in an effort to broaden the number of last names in the country. [3] Such practices add considerable difficulties to the study of genealogy and family history.

Many actors and other entertainers elect to add or include their mothers' maiden names in their adopted stage names. The book How to be a Working Actor: The Insider's Guide to Finding Jobs in Theater, Film, and Television advises aspiring performers to consider changing their names, noting that "if [your birth name] is difficult to spell, pronounce, or remember, it may not be the name you want for your professional career." It goes on to suggest: "If you want to retain a connection to your family, try using your mother's maiden name or the name of a revered relative." [4]

A person's mother's maiden name is used by many financial institutions as a key piece of information to validate a customer's identity. [5] In 2005, researchers showed that the common practice of using a mother's maiden name as the basis for a stage name could be exploited to entice people to reveal that name and other details that could allow fraudsters to steal their identities. Researchers asked a random sample of people on London streets a series of questions, beginning with "What is your name?" They then engaged in conversation about theatre, asked people if they knew how actors choose their stage names, then told them that stage names were typically a combination of the name of a pet and the mother's maiden name. Next the participants were asked what their stage names would be 94% responded by revealing both their mother's maiden name and a pet's name. [5]

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