Automatic feeders for cats: These models are available

Of course, everyone prefers to feed their beloved parlor tiger themselves. Nevertheless, there are occasions when cat owners rely on automatic feeders. We looked at different models. Automatic feeders for cats: These models are available - Image: Shutterstock / fotomanX

Those who come home late from work in the evening, would like to sleep in at the weekend, have a sick cat who needs regular meals, or are planning a day trip, are often dependent on their neighbors. These automatic feeders offer a helpful alternative, with which feeding times and portions can be planned.

1. Large feed dispenser for dry feed

Very practical: This mechanical automatic feeder offers a lot of space for dry food and can be used for dogs and cats. It can be programmed for 1 to 4 feedings a day and the portions can be individually adjusted. The food bowl has an anti-clogging function and a lockable lid. It is powered by batteries.

2. Programmable automatic feeder for 5 meals (feed, snacks and medicine)

This automatic feeder with dishwasher-safe bowls is suitable for feeding dry and wet food as well as for the precise delivery of medication. 230 grams of food fit in each feed bowl, up to five meals can be programmed. An advantage for the owners of particularly smart house tigers: According to many positive reviews, this machine, in contrast to many others, is almost unbreakable.

3. Automatic feeder with voice recording

Would you like to leave a personal message for your cat to call her to eat? Fortunately, this is easy with this automatic bowl. A six-second voice recording enables you to record your feeding call so that your house tiger always knows exactly when there is food. You can program four meals of 500 ml each. An extra compartment is also suitable as a water bowl or for a cooling pad.

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4. Not to forget: the water dispenser

A water dispenser is also very important if you leave your kitten alone a little longer. A lot can fit into a normal water bowl, but with a bit of bad luck the tiger knocks it over when it is at home alone and then has no access to fresh water. This water dispenser has a capacity of 3.5 liters and supplies your four-legged friend with as much liquid as he wants.

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