Install the cat flap: useful tips and tricks

If you own a free-range cat, a cat flap is a huge relief. So the kitty can go outside whenever she wants and come back anytime. You no longer have to stand in the open door for hours until the furry nose has decided whether you want to stay in the house, take a trip or sit comfortably on the doorstep. Thanks to the cat flap, the kitty can go in and out as she wants - Shutterstock / Monika Wisniewska

With a cat flap, you and your velvet paw make life a lot easier. But before buying the cat door, there are a few important points to keep in mind so that everything fits later - especially the cat through the door.

Choose a suitable cat flap

Cats are different sizes, so you should measure your kitty before installing a cat flap. Some cat breeds, such as the Maine Coon cat, are only three years old, so you should buy a larger cat door for young animals. Measure the "width" of your cat at the hip and the "height" between the belly and shoulders of the kitty. Add two to three centimeters each. How to get the right dimensions for your cat flap.

For the later installation of the flap you need another dimension: The lower edge of the cat door should be at the belly height of the velvet paw so that it can easily pass through. So also measure the distance between the floor and the belly of your kitty; usually it is around 15 centimeters.

Before buying, also consider where you want to install the cat flap. The easiest way to install it in a not too massive wooden door, but you can also choose flaps for the wall or for glass doors. However, these require additional material and advanced manual knowledge.

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Find the best place for cat flap

The cat flap affects the insulation of a house a little. Therefore, it makes sense to install them in a room that is cool anyway - for example in the laundry room, pantry or in the basement. So that your cat feels comfortable with its door, it should not lead to a wide, open area. Your kitty is uncomfortable when she comes outside and finds no hiding places nearby.

Your fur nose doesn't like low canopies in the immediate vicinity of the cat flap either. It is best if the door opens towards the garden and a few garden furniture or flower pots are in sight of the cat to hide.

You need this tool

Before you install the cat flap, you should have the necessary tools ready. You need:

- a drill
- a jigsaw
- a cordless drill
- a pencil
- a ruler
- safety glasses
- sandpaper

How to finally install the cat door step by step can be found in the building instructions for the model you have chosen. But be sure to wear safety glasses when drilling the flap hole in a wooden door. In addition, it can't hurt if you are two in the venture.

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