What distinguishes love bites from real cat bites?

If cats suddenly bite your arm, hand, or finger while you stroke them, they may just be love bites. While these can hurt a little, they never end bloody or with a visit to the emergency room. Find out exactly where the difference to an aggressive, real cat bite is here. Cheeky tiger cat bites her hand in the hand: proof of love or aggression? - Shutterstock / Konstantin Aksenov

You can usually tell from the context whether cat bites are aggressive or just love bites. Your cat only distributes love bites while cuddling, all other cat bites are used for defense or attack. However, this never means that your cat is malignant, but can often be attributed to errors in upbringing or lack of capacity.

Love bite in cats - an instinctive act

Love bites can be traced back to the mating behavior of cats. Mating may result in slight bites, but they are so tender that they cannot injure the other animal.

If you pet your cat, it may build up as much energy as during the mating act and then also tend to bite. However, cats do not whack their teeth into the flesh with full force, but only gently and gently pinch the skin.

In the exuberance of emotions this can sometimes pinch a little more than intended by your kitty, but a bloody wound does not remain afterwards. It's best to take a little cuddle break, gently pull your hand back and let your fur nose come to rest.

Real cat bites really hurt

Cat bites that serve to attack or defend cannot be derived from the mating behavior, but from the hunting behavior of the cats. If your cat grabs you with strong claws while stroking and bites them hard, this is a sign of fighting behavior and not a love bite.

This often happens when your cat as a baby has not learned that this is not okay. The little cat teeth don't hurt so much, and it's so cute when the mini fleece balls try to play predator. Therefore, it is tempting to allow kittens to bite while petting. But how should it know as a full-grown cat that it is no longer allowed to do this?

Cat education for scratching, biting and aggressiveness

If the cat scratches and bites, the cause of the behavior must first be found, because ...

Get rid of cats' love bites - how it works

The best way to get your kitten used to it is to shout "Aua", say "No" and immediately stop petting. After that, lower the cheeky badger off your lap and ignore it until it has calmed down again.

The situation is similar if your cat suddenly attacks you from the ambush and bites you vigorously. It can be helpful here if you regularly use your little bullies with hunting games.

Cat bite - a sign of pain?

Another possibility is that you accidentally patted your cat in a place that causes her pain. She may have previously sent signs of mood swings that you didn't notice.

If your cat bites your hand, arm, or finger vigorously for the first time while petting, it may be sick and should be checked by the veterinarian.

Be sure to see a doctor as a precaution if a cat bite has left bloody, painful sores. Otherwise an infection can go unnoticed.

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