Simon's Cat: Gone With The Wind

With the wind it's one thing: on the one hand, you have to be careful not to be blown over. On the other hand, a lot of funny leaves come flying to play with. You can see how Simon's Cat is doing during the gusts in the video.

Actually, Simon's Cat just wants to relax a little on the garden table under the parasol. But then a storm rises and blows away the parasol and the table. Quite uncomfortable!

But the hangover doesn't let the mood spoil so quickly. When a few leaves come flying towards him, he makes fun of chasing them. Then a very large pile of leaves comes rolled up and Simon's Cat cheerfully bangs on it with his paws.

"Ouch! What's pissing there?", The Stubentiger is surprised. It is his friend, the hedgehog, who is hiding in the pile of leaves and is quite prickly. The two play together - until a gust of wind blows on their underpants and Simon's Cat gets stuck on them.

He is pulled up by the wind and cannot put his paws anywhere - because the hedgehog has rolled up into a protective spiked ball to avoid the storm.

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